QA (Emails)


The build should look identical to the designs supplied:

  • Check each design against the built page looking for any errors or inconsistencies.
  • If there is mobile or tablet designs also check these against the build.
  • The build should look identical to the designs unless otherwise agreed.


All emails should be tested using Email on Acid and a link should be provided by the developer:

  • Scroll through each screenshot making sure all is well.
  • Check to ensure the developer has not turned any clients off, specifically Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2013 120dpi.
  • If there is any amends to the email, or Email on Acid issues, ask the developer to resend a revised test link when they have fixed, and repeat process.


All code released by Gooey should be to a high standard, and semantic:

  • Open the email in Dreamweaver and check that it displays correctly on ‘Visual View’. This is a good/quick way to see if there is any unclosed tags or errors (multiple classes on a td etc).
  • If the email doesn’t display there is a code error.
  • If the email has tags highlighted in yellow there is an error.
  • Check all images have alt tags and the alt tag descriptions are correct.
  • If the email uses custom fonts including in the build files, check that the font/s are not available on Google Fonts.
  • Check that the email uses our Email template