Disciplinary procedure

At Gooey our disciplinary procedure is in place to ensure we maintain standards and make Gooey a safe and enjoyable place to work.

In the rare circumstance we need to discipline a team member it will follow the below order:

Stage 1: A verbal warning. You will be informed that this is an official verbal warning and will be recorded.

Stage 2: Final written warning. In case of further misconduct or failure to improve where there is an active first improvement note on your record, you will usually receive a final written warning.

Stage 3: Dismissal or other action. You may be dismissed for further misconduct or failure to improve where there is an active final written warning on your record, or for any act of gross misconduct. Examples of gross misconduct are given below. You may also be dismissed without a warning for any act of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance.

As all circumstances are different, we may consider different sanctions if more appropriate.

Gross misconduct

Gross misconduct will usually result in dismissal without warning, with no notice or payment in lieu of notice.

The following are examples of matters that are normally regarded as gross misconduct:

  • theft or fraud;
  • physical violence or bullying;
  • deliberate and serious damage to property;
  • serious misuse of the organisation’s property or name;
  • deliberately accessing internet sites containing pornographic, offensive or obscene material;
  • serious insubordination;
  • unlawful discrimination or harassment;
  • bringing the organisation into disrepute;
  • the inability to perform the job you were hired to do;
  • serious incapability at work brought on by alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • causing loss, damage or injury through serious negligence;
  • a serious breach of health and safety rules;
  • a serious breach of confidence.