Our Gulp template can be download via: Gulp template

We use Gulp for all our development work, and include our gulp.js file and all src files in our builds so team members or external developers can quickly onboard the project if required.

The template is an example of a simple Gulp, in this instance an HTML build.

Our template includes:

  • SASS (for compiling the SASS)
  • Minify CSS (for mini-fying the CSS)
  • Minify Images (for mini-fying the images)
  • Concat JS (to merge the JS files)
  • Compress JS (to compress the JS in the merged file)
  • Minify HTML (to minify the HTML for speed advantage)
  • Watch (so all the above is implemented on the fly whilst in dev)

You are free to add/amend/update the template as and when required, the template is a basic example.

To begin a Gulp project, please read this article which is a great resource for beginners.