Who are Gooey

Gooey was founded in 2009 and is an agency for agencies, so our team is positioned as highly skilled and set up to work as an extension of external agency teams.

All our developers are front-end and WordPress experts, we work efficiently and to high standards, as an agency we produce circa 300-400 websites per year.

The websites we build are mostly quick turnaround, averaging about 5-15 days development, so we never get stuck on long drawn-out website builds, instead working on new and exciting projects on a nearly weekly basis.

All of our WordPress builds are custom themes using plugins like ACF, Gravity Forms and Yoast SEO (among others). We use tools like Gulp and Git to streamline our process and we use things like AOS to make our builds super speak. Please see our WordPress Development Guidelines for more info.

The office is laid back and the team is not micro-managed, they are trusted to stay on schedule, serve customers in the best possible way and hit deadlines.

The team is set up as follows:

  • Mid to Senior Developers (frontend and WordPress)
  • Junior Developers (frontend and WordPress)
  • Email Developers (email, learning on frontend and WordPress)
  • QA (testing websites)
  • Project Management (leading the project through to completion, liaising with the client)
  • Account Management (liaising with clients to maintain and enhance our relationship)
  • Sales (generating leads and quoting)
  • Marketing (generating leads)