Quality Assurance (QA)

All websites we produce are QA’d internally before we send to the client to review. This ensures that the website / email is delivered to the highest standard possible.

Our QA process includes:

  • We will check the website matches the supplied designs, including any supplied mobile designs.
  • We will check that any brief, specifications or notes supplied have been implemented and followed.
  • We will check the website works in all major browsers: latest editions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and for IE10+. If you would like further browser support please let your Partnership Manager know and ensure it is listed in your quotation.
  • We will check the website works in a selection of devices including tablets and phones. We will test at all sizes from the first responsive breakpoint.
  • We will check the website validates in W3C where possible.
  • We will check the website has been developed with best practices including image optimisation, compression and concatenation and workable code (so external developers can easily work with the code).