We use a CRM system called HubSpot, which includes a large database of agencies from the UK and internationally.

The CRM lists all noteworthy previous correspondence with the agency.

The CRM is updated when contact is made with the agency in regards to sales, this ensures we do not ‘bombard’ them with sales calls and ultimately annoy them.

The sales process is simple and consists of:

  • Researching and targeting new agencies, and adding to our CRM. This includes research the relevant people at the agency so we know who to target.
  • Calling or emailing the agencies to introduce Gooey and our services
  • The sell is warm and soft, just raising awareness of our services and asking if there is anything we can help with
  • If they have a project we cannot help with (not part of our services), we introduce our Partnership Program (see, encourage them to register, and ask if they would like us to recommend anyone who has previous registered.
  • We then send a follow up email (templates provided) summarising the call.
  • We then log what was said/sent on the CRM
  • We follow up the correspondence periodically to maintain awareness.

If a request for a quotation is received:

  • We log the project information, save any assets/briefs/designs to the internal server, and liaise with the developers/development manager in regards to timings and a quote.
  • Once a quote is provided, we call the client to gage their budgets and produce the cost over telephone.
  • If the client is verbally happy with the cost, we then produce a quotation using our quotation documents and send to the client to formally sign-off.

Once the project is signed off, the project is then passed to Project Management.