Project Management

Our project output is the basis Gooey is built on. Agencies use us:

  • To take the stress out of development.
  • To produce high-quality work on their beahalf.
  • To meet their strict/tight deadline.

Thus our Project Management focuses on ensuring our clients expectations are met and exceeded where possible.

Our Project Managers are:

  • The main contact point during development.
  • Clear, concise and transparent throughout the development process to ensure clients expectations are met.
  • They ensure the project stays on schedule and deadlines are met (liaise with developers)
  • They are the main point of contact for developers (the go between).
  • They work with the Director to book amends and projects in the development schedule.

Not meeting client expectations is the primary reason agencies stop using Gooey, this is usually subsequent to the following:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Creating or not adequately diminishing false expectations.

Missing deadlines is normally either due to development delays, in this case we should act quickly to speak to the client and manage their expectations, in some case finding a compromise i.e. we can send the backend for the client to populate in the first instance as we finish the rest.

False expectations are usually created during the sales process, so it is important to work with the sales team to ensure we can deliver what we sell, and deliver on time.