Server set-up

When starting a new project follow the below steps to set the website up on your assigned development domain.

  1. add subdomain on UKFast (logins on internal server)
  2. add subdomain on plesk (logins on internal server)
  3. add MYSQL on plesk
  4. download latest version of WordPress
  5. go into wp-content/plugins folder and delete hello.php and akismet folder, just leaving index.php
  6. go into wp-content/themes folder and delete all themes we don’t need (leave index.php)
  7. change wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and enter the MYSQL details into the file along with: define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true );
  8. upload all WordPress files via FTP
  9. upload the boilerplate .htaccesss and .htpassword, changing the relevant details in the .htaccess to point to your specific domain
  10. go to the URL

You will then see the WordPress set-up page:

  1. when installing the site, the name is the name of the agency’s client (i.e. Nike)
  2. use your development domain for the email address, i.e. dev@ (never use anything Gooey related or your personal email address)
  3. for username use the site name and then ‘admin’, i.e. ‘nikeadmin’
  4. for password use anything secure (preferably the password WordPress suggests), i.e. fr(&*^%Rcb0nyrvwrHG
  5. make a note of all these details

You are now set up and you will see the basic installation of WordPress.