The office

Our address is: Gooey, 202 Worsley Road, Manchester M27 5SN.

We spend a lot of time within the office, and as such we try to make it as fun and welcoming as possible.

Every team member has a fixed desk and workstation, however they are free to move their equipment around as they please, including making use of the sofa and chill out areas.

We have various activities in the office for team members to make use of including PS4, Xbox, a pool table, table tennis and air hockey.

The office is stocked monthly with refreshments including soft drinks, pop, crisps and beer – team members are encouraged to enjoy whenever they like.

Please try to keep the office clean and tidy, as this makes it a more pleasant environment for us all to work in. This includes washing up your own pots when possible.

The office is cleaned by a cleaner once a week.