Role Specifics

The role specifics include (but not limited to):

Managing projects

  • The Project Manager (PM) will be cc’d into the quote/spec via Adobe Sign – use this to note the project details and deadline – this would of already been scheduled in Float so you can see the dev working on it.
  • The Sales team will cc you into their handover email to the client – the PM will then follow up any actions needed (i.e. arranging a call), or if no action needed the PM will pro-actively email to introduce themselves and give a progress report (i.e. just to let you know the project is scheduled in, ongoing etc).
  • The PM should keep the project Kaban board up to date – projects are added to here by the Sales team when jobs are booked in.

Managing developers on the projects

  • Each morning the PM should check-in with the developers to ensure they know what work they have on for the day
  • At the end of the day the PM should check-in with the developers to ensure the days work has been completed and clients have been notified.
  • The PM should also ensure the schedule is up-to-date – by liaising with the developers and reflecting any delays etc on the schedule (and notifying the client if necessary).